06 March 2009

Olkiramatian Women’s Group


SORALO and the African Conservation Centre (ACC) approached the community with ideas for developing community conservation and research projects in the region. The community embraced the shared concern for the environment and wanted to know how they could benefit from the research as well. After a research site was chosen the Olkiramatian Women’s Group was given legal ownership of the land. This way the camping fees collected from researchers and educational groups could be put back into the community through various programs that they are still developing.

The Olkiramatian Women’s Group was established in November 2007 and there are currently 170 members. A chairlady and thirteen committee members have been elected. The women reside in four sub locations of Olkiramatian and committee members are elected from each location. Membership dues are required with registration, which add to the new organization’s accruing revenue.

Community Projects:

The women have many areas of interest where they would like to use the profits from the Resource Centre. They would like to establish a place where they can do beadwork and sell beadwork to national and international research groups. The centre has already hosted groups from Earthwatch and Earth Expeditions. They would also like to set up bursaries for girls in the community and see the Resource Centre develop into a meeting ground and educational centre for the whole community. SORALO and ACC are actively helping them with the development of the land and they are now seeking support from outside the community with regards to training in business management.