27 May 2010

Construction Progress

Time marches on and things are looking good in camp.  The staff housing is really coming along - the roofs are up and thatching has started making us all want to move in when they are completed.  The main building's structural elements have been raised and focus has shifted to that area.  The upcoming weeks should be very exciting.  
Top to Bottom:  Staff Housing 1, Staff Housing 2, Staff Kitchen & Dining, Staff cooking area, Research Kitchen, Community Main Building pillars, Main Kitchen

23 May 2010

How You Can Help


"Educate a girl to improve the lives of a community." (Maasai phrase pictured above)  The Olkiramatian Reto Community Based Organization (CBO) would love your support for their bursary program launched in May of 2010.  They hope to continue to promote education and send girls to school throughout their schooling years.  The program is estimated to cost 22,000 Ksh (about $300) per year to send one child to boarding school.  This covers tuition and all of their initial boarding needs.


50,000 Ksh (about $670) will buy a set of Kenyan curriculum textbooks for a school in Olkiramatian or Shompole.  All donation amounts are welcome. 


The Olkiramatian Reto CBO now sells three different solar light products throughout their communities.  Help provide solar light to schools (and support the local women’s group) by donating money to purchase these lights.  The Kiran lantern and the Solata cost 1300 Ksh (about $17) and the Nova – which also charges your cell phone – costs 4000 Ksh (about $53).  Find out more about these products on the company website at dlightdesign.com.

All donations can be made through our US partners below.

14 May 2010

Meet the Bursary Beneficiaries

School resumed May 1st and with the beginning of this term comes the beginning of the Olkiramatian Reto CBO’s bursary program.  The first four students are prepped to go and eager to learn.  Three of the girls will go to Olkiramatian Boarding School next year and one student who is just starting out will attend Olkiramatian Nursery School.  The students are attending day schools for the rest of this year.     

Pain ene Shisha is new to school this year.  She lives with her adoptive mother and will be the first to go to school from the household.  

Naomi Kuresoi ene Parseyio has finished nursery school and is ready to start class 1.    Her favorite subject is Swahili.  She lives in Oldorko with her mother, father, and three siblings.  One of her brothers is in class 8, but her other brother and sister dropped out of school due to limited funds.  The family had 50 cows before the drought and lost all but one.

Magret Kilakoi Karino is in class 5 and lives with her mother, brother and baby sister in Olibortoto.  Her best subjects are social studies and math.  Her brother is also in class 5.  The family used to have 6 cows and 45 sheep and goats.  After the drought they are left with 2 cows left just 10 goats. 


Esther Tarisio Musenke is in class 1.  She lives with her mother and five siblings in Entasopia.  Both of her brothers are in school, but just one of her sisters.  Her favorite subject is math.  Her family lost all 5 of their cows during the drought and are left with 19 goats. 

11 May 2010

Meet Kereng'ende (Karen-yen-day)

Thanks for all of your suggestions for the name of our new lioness.  Here are some photos of her and her pride that seem to answer the question:  Do lions climb trees?

10 May 2010

2009-2010 Camp Comparison Photos

09 May 2010

Construction Photos

We wanted to give an update on the progress of the Resource Centre construction.  The staff housing is making great headway as the walls and roof are starting to take shape.  All other building foundations have been dug out and we are waiting on just one more concrete slab to be poured. 
(Photos Top to Bottom:  Staff Building 1, Staff Building 2, Staff Kitchen, Women's Banda, Main Building Kitchen, Research Building Kitchen)