14 May 2010

Meet the Bursary Beneficiaries

School resumed May 1st and with the beginning of this term comes the beginning of the Olkiramatian Reto CBO’s bursary program.  The first four students are prepped to go and eager to learn.  Three of the girls will go to Olkiramatian Boarding School next year and one student who is just starting out will attend Olkiramatian Nursery School.  The students are attending day schools for the rest of this year.     

Pain ene Shisha is new to school this year.  She lives with her adoptive mother and will be the first to go to school from the household.  

Naomi Kuresoi ene Parseyio has finished nursery school and is ready to start class 1.    Her favorite subject is Swahili.  She lives in Oldorko with her mother, father, and three siblings.  One of her brothers is in class 8, but her other brother and sister dropped out of school due to limited funds.  The family had 50 cows before the drought and lost all but one.

Magret Kilakoi Karino is in class 5 and lives with her mother, brother and baby sister in Olibortoto.  Her best subjects are social studies and math.  Her brother is also in class 5.  The family used to have 6 cows and 45 sheep and goats.  After the drought they are left with 2 cows left just 10 goats. 


Esther Tarisio Musenke is in class 1.  She lives with her mother and five siblings in Entasopia.  Both of her brothers are in school, but just one of her sisters.  Her favorite subject is math.  Her family lost all 5 of their cows during the drought and are left with 19 goats.