05 April 2010

It is a small world.

It is indeed a small world, and forgive me while I explain how Michael Chung and his family ended up visiting two pre-schools and a clinic in Olkiramatian, bringing well-needed gifts rulers and pencils for all the students.

One of the participants for last years Earth Expeditions group, Daniel Grigson, is a teacher at a school in Ohio. He has established an Environment Club at the school and it is through this club and others such as the Cincinnati Zoo that money was raised to support our Drought Relief efforts in pre-schools across the South Rift. One of the young girls who helped raise money through this Environment Club was Madeline. Madeline's family are close family friends with Dr. Michael Chung who lives and works here in Kenya. Michael Chung and his family wanted to visit the places where Madeline's efforts had been valuable and give her family as close a connection with the region as was possible, without actually visiting themselves.

We thank the Chung family for their kind gifts to the schools as well as visiting the local clinic and buying lots of Maasai items from the parents at the schools to send back to Madeline and her family and for bringing all our worlds that little bit closer together.

As an additional aside, Daniel is planning to bring some of the children from his school to Olkiramatian this year to participate in a joint Maasai Music Project, where the children will spend time with the local Primary school and enbark on creating and recording music together. For more details go to http://web.me.com/danielgrigson/LBMS_Environmental_Club_Home_Page/Maasai_Music_Project.html . I know they are still looking to raise the money to make this happen.