07 March 2011

Lale'enok is formally open! A glorious event where over 70 VIPs from across Kenya as well as over 150 local community members were present to witness Mr. Jaco Mebius, the Senior Policy Adviser for Environment, Water and Sanitation to the Royal Netherlands Embassy, officially open the centre. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture, the National Museums of Kenya, the newly formed Taskforce for drafting the Legislation Implementing Land Use, Environment and Natural Resource Provisions of the Kenya Constitution were all present and the feedback was extremely positive from all fronts. The press, who were present in full force, have done a great job with publicising the event on local TV stations over the past few days. What seems to be the main take-home message from the day was the relevance of the centre from so many angles; from what the new constitution stands for (devolution of
responsibility and ownership to the community level) to biodiversity conservation efforts built on an evidence-based approach, local capacity development, support of local women's enterprise and much more..... Lale'enok's community-based philosophies stole the day.