30 June 2011

Embirika Nursery School Opening

On June 11th Olkiramatian officially opened the newly built Embirika Nursery School. This one classroom building was funded by CDF Kajiado North and currently hosts 3 grades include a Baby class (2-3 years) Nursery class (3-4 years) and Pre-unit class (4-6), catering to a total of 38 students. It is a wonderful accomplishment for the area, helping children who would have had to walk up to an additional 10 kilometers in order to access these classes at other facilities.
A number of people gathered for the occasion including the Assistant chief of Olkiramatian, the Group Ranch Chairman, and many educational leaders in the area. Lale’enok’s own Albert Kuseyo is the Chairman of the Embirika Pre-School and representatives from Lale’enok appreciated Albert’s dedication by presenting some new books for the school.