04 March 2010

Breaking ground!

Great news! The South Rift Resource Centre is about to begin its next phase of development. We have signed a contract with local contractor Matias Bifani to begin building the centre. On Monday this week a team comprising of the ACC director, the women's group committee, local leaders and resident researchers met with Matias at the site to disuss the final placement of all the proposed buildings. Matias starts breaking ground as I write! It is hoped that within four months the centre will have:

- a central meeting hall and main office with a supporting kitchen. It is imagined that both the local community and visiting groups will use these buildings. We also will have our library and herbarium in the office area.
- a building for resident reserchers to cook, have office space and living space.
- staff accommodation upgraded with a kitchen and living space
- a banda for the local women's group to display their beadwork and other small business items
- supporting bathrooms for all these facilities.

The total cost of the project will be Ksh. 7,087,114. ACC has committed Ksh. 5 million. We therefore need to raise an additional Ksh. 2 million (approximately) for construction work. We will also need to raise additional funds for equipment. Any thoughts on this most welcome!