03 March 2010

Fundraiser Update

Education is the word.  We are proud to finally report on what we did with the money raised this fall at the Emerson fundraiser in Bozeman, Montana.  A second effort was made in St. Louis, Missouri, by the 1st grade class of Christ Prince of Peace elementary school. Together the combined contributions totaled ~ $5,000. 

We spent $1,800  (141,000 KSh) to support the relief efforts started by the African Conservation Fund and SORALO late last year.  Contributions through ACF, SORALO, and our efforts supported nursery schools throughout the south Rift, which are financed by local communities rather than the government.  Salaries were paid to teachers and food was provided to help sustain nursery schools for at least 3 months during the severe drought.

The Olkirimatian Reto Women’s Group has launched their bursary program for girls to attend school.  This has been something the women have wanted to do since the creation of the South Rift Resource Centre, and they are now in a position to get off the ground running.  We are matching the women’s initial investment of $1,334 into this program (100,000 KSh).  One girl from each of the four sub locations of Olkirimatian has been chosen to receive this scholarship. In the weeks to come, we will visit the homes of each of these girls to get their stories and share them with you here.  There has already been tremendous gratitude expressed by the leaders of the community.  They praised the women for truly picking the most needy girls.  The aim of the program is to send the girls to school throughout their primary and secondary education.  The community will continue to monitor this program and welcomes any suggestions you might have.    

Furthering our efforts to promote education we’ve started a textbook program and spent $1,774 (133,000 KSh) on Kenya’s curriculum textbooks to supplement the needs of two schools in the area – the contributions bought 422 books for Entasopia and Pakase Primary Schools.  Upon our visit to Entasopia Primary School we realized the school’s basic needs were not being met due to over enrollment.  The school has 510 pupils, but the government only recognizes its capacity at 350.  There are so many students enrolled in class 1 that the school has had to split them into two groups.  They set up a second classroom outside because there was no space left within.  Education has become a high priority to local families and more and more parents are starting to send their children to school.  While this is a great thing it has led to the increasing demand for basic educational needs.  With guidance from the community leaders, we hope to continue the textbook program.

We would like to thank all those who helped to raise this money and spread the word on the importance of education.  We could not have supported these programs without your help.  Thanks to the 1st grade class of Christ Prince of Peace elementary school who simply collected coins from their classmates and made a substantial contribution to this cause.  What you may have around your house can help to change the lives of so many children around your world.